Wednesday, February 15, 2012

nerd alert : zelda - phantom hourglass ds

You and Tetra (don't even think about calling her princess Zelda!) are out on the high seas looking for the legendary ghost ship and all the adventure that comes with it. The rumors of treasure have Tetra jumping on board moments after it comes into view. A scream send you after her... but the next thing you know you are waking up on a beach. (haven't we been here before Link?) Celia, a fairy of sorts, finds you and commits to helping you find your friend. You meet your new partner Lineback, who is usually not much help, but nothing can stand in your way! Fight your way through bosses to collect more sand for the Phantom Hourglass until you can finally defeat an evil that has cast a shadow over the entire ocean.

01/ link decal $5.00  //  02/ heart containers $5.00  //  03/ phantom hourglass DS game $11.99  //  04/ celia (Navy) earrings $15.00  //  05/ hourglasses $38.00  //  06/ boss key chain $3.50  //  07/ heart chest $165.00  //  08/ tri force earrings $12.00  //  09/ shield mints $3.99  //  10/ bomb bag $45.00  //  11/ tri force print $30.00  //  12/ link tee $19.95  //  13/ limited edition DS $499.99  //  14/ Rupees $25.00

This game is flat out fun. Like, can't put it down, dream about it fun. Link has his standard sword and shield, but there is also Lineback's ship that lets you explore the ocean, salvage treasure, go deep sea fishing and explore all the islands on your map. The split screen of the DS is especially helpful since you have a constant map displayed on your top screen, and you can make handy notes with the stylus. There are also a lot of creative uses of the DS features including the microphone! Also you get to play barbie with the ship, swapping out different hulls, chimneys, hand rails, cabins, anchors, etc...

5/6 Toes // Overall

1 // Graphics
Graphics are great, love the split screens like i said before it makes the map super easy to use and eliminates the back and forth between gameplay and secondary screens. I also really enjoyed the paper cut out style of the cut scenes, it was a nice way to make the look/feel different on the relatively lo-res DS screen..

1 // Storyline and Characters
Zelda & Link, together forever. Its the classic boy saves princess in distress - but Zelda (sorry, Tetra) had a pretty tough girl attitude in this game - she definitely wasn't playing the part of a princess in this game.

1 // Soundtrack and Sound Effects
Classic Zelda, don't mess with a good thing. I loved the microphone elements taking the interactive sound to the next level.

1 // Length of Game and Price
So I payed $29.99 for this game and I spent about 3 weeks playing through the story, mini-games and extras. Honestly I think I found all the treasure.Definitely was ready for the end so I could get back to life as normal - but I would be lying if I didnt tell you I loved every minute of it.

0.5 // Replay Value
There is lots of discovering to do in this game. And there are also lots of skill challenges that you can keep playing - archery, ship cannon targets, fishing. I dont think I would replay the whole game since it was epically long, but i might go for a boat ride from time to time.

0.5 // Puzzle Difficulty
Honestly the interior mazes before the bosses are my favorite. They are all based on sequence and flipping the right switch. They aren't terribly difficult, but you cant just cruise through without paying attention to the details. Did I ever feel stuck? no.

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