Friday, April 29, 2011

goodbye columbus

01/ i heart ohio decal $3.89  //  02/ columbus necklace $45.00  //  ohio cutting board $40.00  //  block O toaster $32.95  
05/ across the field rug $209.95  //  06/ these are things columbus map $49.00  //  07 ohio cities charm $14.92  //  08/ goodbye columbus $10.99  
09/ cruisin brutus t-shirt $27.95  //  10/ buckeyes $12.50  //  11/ ohio river map pillow $25.00

wow... its already my last day at Ohio State - two weeks went by so fast! Though I am itching to get out to massachusetts, I know i'll miss ohio.. so in honor of all the time i have spent here, i've put together a little ohio (and ohio state) inspired design.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

bookshelf porn

I dont know about you.... but i cant pass up a good bookshelf....
and apparently neither can the folks over at bookshelf porn

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

nerd alert : the 13th skull


This weeks gaming glimpse is sort of different. The Thirteenth Skull is a "hidden object game" - think of I SPY but with a plot. In this Lousiana bayou based mystery, you are a asked to investigate the disappearance of a missing husband & set off riffling though attics, broom closets & ancient tombs looking for clues to solve the crime.

This type of game is available from BigFish a site full of leisurely games - which is great way to get those gaming toes in the water. I will admit that these games aren't epic - but they're a lot of fun. they are also cheap & available as a direct download! Did I mention its available on Mac & PC?!? Mac options always make me sooo happy!

01/ hunter wellies $125.00  //  02/ victorian sofa $3500.00  //  03/ jolly rodger flag $4.87  //  04/ treasure chest $99.00
05/ voodoo doll necklace $25.00  //  06/ chandelier vinyl decal $28.00  //  07/ antique crystal chandelier $345.00  //  08/ turtle shell $18.00
09/ crow skull necklace $28.00

The setting of the 13th Skull makes the game - you are in an old plantation surrounded by Spanish moss and aligators - investigating a mysterious dissappearance that seems to bee linked to the houses original owner - a pirate. Characters are abundant as you try to find the perpetrator - suspecting Voodoo and other magic is a part of the puzzle. 4/6 Polly toes.

If you are even a tiny bit interested you can download a risk free 1 hour "try it" trial of the game!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Friday, April 22, 2011

am radio

01/ general store paper cutter $87.00  //  02/ modern simplex wall clock $92.00  //  03/ swing arm lamp $64.00  //  04/ 0 through 9 $14.00
05/ store display shelf $47.00  //  06/ feed sack teddy bear $49.00

absolutely loving the AM Radio shop on etsy (especially their awesome photography)
I will admit to owning the lamp - in black - but i might need a second since this orange
color is so great!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

my iphone is stalking me

by now i am sure everyone's heard the latest scandal - iphone's tracking you everywhere you go!
honestly though ... this really doesn't bother me.

its a lot like how facebook and googlemail know where you were last time you signed in..
in fact, a lot of people like the security these things offer (well - they like to know if people in california are illegally logging into their accounts)

but isn't this all technically the same thing? sorry people - but if you log into an account - any account - from any computer in the world - your location has been linked to your identity. and you are fooling yourself if you think they aren't storing this information.

since this information isn't available in real time (unless you download this app to stalk people on your phone) i personally don't view it as that much of a safety issue.

so i guess i am wondering how much this bothers you? enough to turn in your iphone and turn off your facebook? stop using email?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

wrapping things up

since i am leaving i have a TON to wrap up at work - fast.... today i am working on eleven wall murals that will appear on each floor of a new residence building on campus... three down - eight to go!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

boston bound

well, its official - i am moving to massachusetts! I accepted a graphic design job outside of boston & am excitedly apartment hunting.

tips are welcome since i dont actually know what i am doing... wish me luck!

Monday, April 18, 2011

happy monday

I would love this on my kitchen table - springs right around the corner!

Friday, April 15, 2011

house 8810

house 8810 has a great selection of funky housewares and etc items...
personally loving this flea market throw

Thursday, April 14, 2011

food fonts

have  you been over to the forums on typophile to see some of the type battles? they are really cool - but i am especially loving the food battle.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

nerd alert : grim fandango

// from here

ready to go back in time? the year is 1998... I am an impressionable 12 year old with an unhealthy obsession with computers... lucas arts meanwhile, at the height of their adventure gaming days, has just released grim fandango .. the brain child of game designer tim schafer.

for being 13 years old, this game holds up. I will admit its increasingly harder to run with each windows upgrade - but it's worth it.

01/ die cufflinks $8.99  //  02/ the bootleggers $10.00  //  03/ anchor laptop tattoo $5.99  //  04/ sythe (keep it next to where your 
heart use to be) $125.00  //  05/ walking stick with compass in handle $55.00  //  06/ casket flask $?  //  07/ day of the dead t-shirt $21.99
08/ marquee arrow $198.00  //  09/ hot rod pedal car $299.00  //  10/ balloon animal necklace $25.00  //  11/ calavera earrings $24.00
12/ sombrero save the date $20.00  //  13/ sugar skulls $55.00

I should mention that this game is heavily based on the November 2nd celebration of the Day of the Dead, which only adds to the colorful locations and characters you come across on your adventure. You are Manny Calavera, a travel agent who sells recently departed souls transportation packages across the land of the dead, until Mercedes Colomar walks into the story and starts him down the path of revealing the crooked nature of the company he works for.

It has it all - good guys, bad guys, deceit, casinos, revolution, spiders, trains, monsters, balloon animals, hot rods, petrified wood, flowers, ships, suits, pearls, blimps, bees, and cats.. to name a few.. not to mention a storyline that is to die for (no pun intended)... that compass in the handle will sure come in handy too!

polly is giving this one 6/6 toes & i wholeheartedly agree

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


T/ red marquee $10.50  //  U/ salvaged metal $7.25  //  E/ type lovers $14.00  //  S/ clear acrylic $14.00  //  D/ red marquee $10.50  //  A/ tin sign $32.00
Y/ black metal $40.00  //  !/ metal exclamation $9.75  //  misc/ ceramic letters $5.00

happy tuesday! I have been feeling a extra salvaged vintage lately so here are some awesome marquee letters to put you in a similar mood.

Monday, April 11, 2011

the swanky abode

01/ kidney coffee table  02/ facebook  03/ painting  04/ kodawood chair  05/ facebook  06/ wegner sofa

I went to easton this weekend - which is columbus ohio's big cool outdoor mall. my heart literally
sank when I walked by the closed storefront that use to be Nest - a very cool eclectic antique store... but then after about 10 yards of suffering there it was! the swanky abode!

apparently nest didnt go out of business - it got bigger and moved to a larger location.
so excited - with more space they also have more stuff - if you are in the area go check
them out - their website doesn't do them justice.

cover to cover : jillian tamaki

string is the thing lately - which is why its exciting to see something really different - aka the penguin threads deluxe classic books covers by Jillian Tamaki! awesome right? i know.

Friday, April 8, 2011

animal speakers

these animal speakers from poketo are adorable!!

tea shack

// from here
with all the tea I've been drinking - I'm really loving this illustration found over at the Dieline

Thursday, April 7, 2011

sick sick sick

01/ first aid kit $42.50  //  02/ cable knit tea cozy $17.50  //  03/ i like naps tee $12.00  //  04/ knit moccasins $58.00  //  05/ soup spoons $38.99  
06/ plaid throw $35.00  //  07/ ceramic mug $8.00  //  campbells chicken noodle soup $2.41

well i am so grateful for the ability to schedule posts because it totally saved me yesterday.
I have strep throat and - to say the least - don't feel well.

since i have been asleep for the past 24 hours i am now restless and thinking of all the food
i cant eat because it hurts to swallow. so instead how about a list of things i that would make
being sick more enjoyable.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

nerd alert: gray matter {revisited}

// from here

This weeks game : Gray Matter
You can read my original post about gray matter here - but to sum it up you control 2 characters - the first is Sam Everett, a magician looking to find her way into an exclusive magic club - and the second is Dr. David styles, a neurobiologist with a troubled past.

Add caption

01/ x-ray photo $29.99  //  02/ master of illusion game $26.98  //  03/ costume mask $2.70  //  04/ ghost candelabra $65.00  

05/ rainy day bank $27.00  //  06/ magic wand remote $89.95  //  07/ magic bunny toothpick holder $30.00  //  08/ heart knife block $90.00  
09/ bicycle deck $1.25  //  10/ lab beaker $176.26  //  11/ phrenology poster $19.99

full of puzzles, magic and trickery of the mind, this was a great game with awesome graphics and a pretty good soundtrack too. 

6/6 Toes // Overall
1 // Graphics
The game play graphics were great, and the scenes were stunning. The cut scenes were more or less static illustration with minimal animation, which i didn't mind because they were mostly used to illustrate dream-like moments and they were done very well.

1 // Storyline and Characters
The characters were great. During game play you control Samantha and David, so the different perspectives of the storyline added to the depth of what you could explore in the game. The members of the 'Lambs Club' were also all unique and well portrayed. I still feel the ending was a bit thrown together, but more in a "I want more!" way than anything else.

1 // Soundtrack and Sound Effects
Most of the game featured the musical talents of the Scarlet Furies, which i especially enjoyed since most game soundtracks rarely feature lyrics. The music did turn a little gabriel-knight-esgue towards the end, but i don't mind nostalgia much.

1 // Length of Game and Price
This game takes a solid couple evening to complete, on my last run through it was 3 nights of play, so I will estimate 8-10+ hours of play. which is very decent. I also digitally downloaded this game (no shipping!) for $29.99 - which i was happy to pay for the much anticipated Jane Jensen Release.

1 // Replay Value
Not only have I replayed this game 3 times since i purchased it in February, I actually recommend a replay since I felt lke I missed a lot of the story the first time around.

1 // Puzzle Difficulty 
The puzzles were more task based, and the ability to turn off/on hotspots made it a lot easier to complete objectives. The map was also color coded so you knew where there were still things to complete (Which was great for my lack of patience, but not so great for the puzzle difficulty). 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

polly productivity

I have been so busy lately its been making me wish for another set of hands....
Polly seems to have sensed this desire because she's been showing off her extra
toes like they're going out of style.

her name's polly because she's a polydactyl cat.. basically she is a cat with thumbs...
and she doesn't mind showing off her 24 toes at every convenience
maybe extra arms are too steep a request - maybe i just need some extra digits!

... or maybe i could just teach her how to type

Monday, April 4, 2011

cover to cover : jessica hische

I dont usually post this much in one day - but I couldnt wait to tell you about the new book covers by jessica hische. I got to see Jessica speak at The Ohio State University last fall and she showed us a sneak peak of these gorgeous covers. so excited they are available from barnes & noble - get them here

stardust print

// from here
saw this print over at hearted girl last week and have kind of fallen in love with it.


01/ rabbit salad mixer $14.99  //  02/ bunny bank $34.99  //  03/ carrot plush $24.99  //  04/ garden charging station $24.99  //  05/ jelly beans $69.99
06/ fred the aku $69.95  //  07/ egg coloring kit $16.00  //  08/ aku ice cube tray $10.00  //  09/ plush peeps $6.90

went to see HOP this weekend - it was actually really cute. Its about the easter-bunny-to-be who runs away from Easter island and heads to Hollywood... definitely has me ready for some easter candy and egg coloring.

Friday, April 1, 2011

wishful thinking

01/ red corduroy bag $126.00  //  02/ blue stone necklace $34.00  //  03/ latham wall clock $59.00  //  04/ wool tote $105.00  //  05/ belt bracelet $22.00
06/ milk glass planter $22.00

i work at a university - so my year still closely ebbs and flows with the academic calendar.

today is the first friday of spring quarter and it has me thinking of springtime in the classroom.... staring at the clock waiting to get to go out into the warmer weather, the teachers desk and windowsills covered in plants that seem to want to do the exact same thing.. wearing uniforms and looking out at blue skies.

looking forward to april to say the least! hope its pretty enough to spend some of it outdoors
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