Thursday, June 30, 2011

king & queen

so I went to the post office... hoping to nab some of those designer stamps
but unfortunately they aren't out until july..... but i did get some of these! aren't they awesome?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

nerd alert : titanic adventure out of time

01/ rubiat $850.00  //  02/ port hole mirror $89.95  //  03/ tarot cards $16.75  //  04/ titonic ice cubes $9.99  //  05/ fencing mask $105.00  
06/ exploding pen $4.49  //  07/ futility $12.02  //  08/ fake diamond necklace $495.00  //  09/ pocket watch $190.00  //  10 morse code kit $11.94

So my grim fandango nerd alert post got me hunting through cd cases and dusting off games i haven't played in ages.. literally. and what did i find? um.. everything. I have tons of nerd alert ammo now so be prepared!

but today lets focus on Titanic Adventure Out of Time

This was literally one of the first adventure games I ever played. I still remember my dad buying it for me at BestBuy and marveling over the install instruction booklet in the car on the way home.

It might be hard for you to believe that this game was released in 1996 - it's still hard for me.
the graphics are AMAZING - the numerous characters are quirky & the sheer amount of content,
plot, conversation & environments in this adventure would put any current day game to the test.

You, an English spy, travel back in time to a mission you had aboard the Titanic. If you succeed you change the course of history - preventing WWI and other global crisis in the years to come.

To get this game running you really need to set up a partition on your hard drive to run windows xp or 98...

It's great to walk through the historically accurate ship. but even if you can't invest the time to play this game/get it running - feel free to take a tour of the ship to get an idea of what i'm talking about.

6/6 polly toes 

** please be aware that this software runs on Windows 95/98 and that I cant promise you will be able to get it to work on your personal computer **

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

flat bulb

this is pretty cool - cuts on materials and packaging.... that aside its flat... and that is just awesome

Monday, June 27, 2011

summer time!

last week was the official beginning of summer.... and its rather hot here without air conditioning

makes me want a beer.... or how about a whole slew of antique beer cans!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Map works

by Matthew Cusick


heard of doggleganger yet? its kinda cool - and kind of hilarious - basically it matches you to a dog that looks like you.

I might be biased in favor of thise site because it matched me with a cutie named elliot - we are both blondes, it may be truelove..

yes, I know I'm a little weird. Just an FYI - the webcam photos weren't working for me so I needed to upload an image for the software to work.

happy weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jessica Helgerson

Completely infatuated with Jessica Helgerson Interior Design projects.
Great modern touches and bold contrast.. makes me want to renovate!

patty cake

harve & polly are cats.. so i guess there's no shame in the occasional cat video post.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

nerd alert : tron

i know its not oscar worthy, but Tron: Legacytotally rocked my world.
also I have a super huge crush on Jeff Bridges...(and his kick ass in-game living quarters)

01/Atari Classics$29.95  //  02/ pac man journal $8.00  //  03/ pong doormat $40.00  //  04/ ghost chair $410.00  //  05/ pixel couch $n/a  //  06/ all your base stamp $12.99  //  07/HappyLite$31.99  //  08/ my brothers frame $250.00  //  09/ motorcycle screen $52.00  //  10/ q bert pillow $45.00  //  11/Identity Disc$24.27  //  12/Arcade Game$3,699.99  //  13/ tokens $3.50

from the to-die-for Daft Punk Soundtrackto the totally awesome bike design - i was hooked from start to finish... and who loves the blue orange color combo that dominated the screen? um, this girl.

so though I havent played this video game - i know i wont regret this upcoming purchase.

no toes yet! I'll be sure to let you now how it goes.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


digging the 50's wallpaper collection bySanderson

Marius Roosendaal

I'm a mid-century girl at heart.. which is why I am so enamored with these prints by Marius Roosendaal. I especially like the type tributes... Go to to his site to see more of his collection - they are truly amazing.

Monday, June 20, 2011

designer stamps

I might be regressing back to my childhood stamp collecting days (yes, I had a pretty sizable collection) but I am hoping to get my hands on some of these Pioneers of American Industrial Design Stamps - very cool

Friday, June 17, 2011

storming the capital!

// from here
  I already have a small jon klassen gallery forming my apartment.... but i want this print so bad.

paper source

// from here
So I took my first visit to PaperSource last weekend and I think this little lady needs to come live with me. Especially since the lid is the answer to Polly always drinking from the glass of water on my nightstand while i am sleeping.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

this day

beautiful birdhouses

there is no shortage of birds for harve & polly to watch through the windows of our new place. wish I had a place for one of these gorgeous bird houses from ideeli

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

nerd alert : laura croft

in my younger years there weren't many system games that starred a female character.. so the Tomb Raiderseries quickly climbed to the top of my playlist

01/ call the butler print $19.00  //  02/ t-rex necklace $79.99  //  03/ motorcycle tee $18.00  //  04/ combat boots $78.00  //  05/ backpack $58.00  
06/ casing ring $140.00  //  07/ uzi necklace $179.00  //  08/ teal tank $18.00

laura croft has big boobs - get over it.. they were octagons for crying out loud. the point is she was hard core cool - feminine, fearless, adventurous, intelligent.. and she had a butler.

all in all not a bad roll model for a girl in the 90's, she gave me a reason to want combat boots and listen to nine inch nails

.... ok, maybe she didn't make me popular... but she did make me more original than tea parties, heart dotted "i"'s and glitter nail polish. she made me realize that women are powerful and seductive... and in my book that's the best lesson you can learn from a video game.

6/6 polly toes

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

michelle armas

secret garden poster $150.00  //  elka poster $150.00

there's something pretty awesome about these intensely feminine geometric prints by michelle armas

Monday, June 13, 2011


go find those retro 3D glasses that have been living in your junk drawer for 20 years...

got them? good. now go check out these pics

Friday, June 10, 2011


 01/ Olinolino $46.00  //  02/ watermelon slices $55.00  //  03/ tourmaline cut example  //  04/ watermelon example  //  05/ diamond cut ring $350.00  
06/ watermelon ring $168.00  //  07/ tourmaline necklace $95.00  //  08/ slice strand $66.00

well what do you know! its summer! so my current obsession should be no surprise - watermelon tourmaline is pretty much perfect for summer - the colors ooze bbq's, sprinklers and swimsuit season

Thursday, June 9, 2011


fountain favorites

// from here & here
two great ways to turn your sink into a fountain. really like the toothbrush option - but for general sink purposes the Tapi from Dreamfarm is awesome.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

nerd alert : dire grove

Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ Collector's Edition is another title from BigFish games.
In this mystery adventure your car breaks down during a blizzard - looking for help, and a warm place to wait out the storm, you make your way to a hotel that seems to be closed for the season.

01/ anorak deer sleeping bag $97.00  //  02/ kerosene lantern $35.00  //  03/ celtic knot $18.00  //  04/ mercury thermometer $7.50 
05/ knot hot plates $20.00  //  06/ covered bridge print $22.00  //  07/ newspaper logs $? //  08/ vhs tapes $29.44  
09/ anorak rabbit sleeping bag $97.00

It soon becomes apparent that you aren't the only one to visit dire grove during the off season; as you stumble upon strewn video tapes and supplies left by a mysterious group of young explorers you learn that there is quite a mystery afoot.

try to stay warm as you piece the story together by collecting video tapes and solving puzzles that lead you to the conclusion of the two thousand year old legend that resides at Dire Grove.

2.5/6 polly toes (the acting in those blair witch-esque cut-scenes is pretty cheesy)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

fifty and fifty

fifty and fifty is a design project where 50 artists illustrate the mottos of the 50 United States.

Its pretty cool - check it out

Monday, June 6, 2011

mario kart

this should make you smile. a lot.

necono camera

cute kitty cam with magnetic feet? sign me up! the Necono cat cam takes stills or video and can be perched on a metal surface to lounge and observe - the way only cats can

you can even get this cute camera case .. all I have to say is that if i had orange tiger cats this would already be ordered and on its way to me. but maybe i'll save my pennies & wait for the stealthy black cat version to come out someday.

Friday, June 3, 2011

boston warehouse

01/ puffer salt & pepper $9.95  //  02/ sailboat plate $15.95  //  03/ mouse salt & pepper $9.50  //  04/ whale plate $29.95

i love these adler-esque items from boston warehouse - currently i am mainly seeing these on amazon
obviously not as high quality and design as adler - but they are so inexpensive and cute i'm not complaining.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

door knob crystal ball

// from here
this amazing door knob gives you a view of the next room - way cool.. not for every door, but I wouldn't mind having a few at my place

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

nerd alert : orient express

murder on the orient express is as classic as they come. based on the book by agatha christie - you are part of a murder investigation aiding the great detective hercule poirot. help gather evidence so he can put his "gray cells" (not the mention that great mustache) to work solving the murder.

01/ model train $225.00  //  02/ fingerprint necklace $87.00  //  03/ tweed train case $30.00  //  04/ train case $29.00    
05/ fedora $12.00  //  06/ vintage postcard $3.75  //  07/ mustache decal $19.99  //  08/ cast iron safe $1450.00  //  09/ parlor lamp $12.00  
10/ mustache mugs $29.50  //  11//  coal earrings $13.99  //  12/ vintage book plate $8.00  //  13/ signal lamp $70.00

Interview suspects, search cabins and enjoy the general splendor of the historically rich orient express.

the game, though based on the novel, has a completely different storyline - which is great since it doesn't spoil the book (if you haven't read it yet)

polly gives this one 5/6 toes
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