Wednesday, June 29, 2011

nerd alert : titanic adventure out of time

01/ rubiat $850.00  //  02/ port hole mirror $89.95  //  03/ tarot cards $16.75  //  04/ titonic ice cubes $9.99  //  05/ fencing mask $105.00  
06/ exploding pen $4.49  //  07/ futility $12.02  //  08/ fake diamond necklace $495.00  //  09/ pocket watch $190.00  //  10 morse code kit $11.94

So my grim fandango nerd alert post got me hunting through cd cases and dusting off games i haven't played in ages.. literally. and what did i find? um.. everything. I have tons of nerd alert ammo now so be prepared!

but today lets focus on Titanic Adventure Out of Time

This was literally one of the first adventure games I ever played. I still remember my dad buying it for me at BestBuy and marveling over the install instruction booklet in the car on the way home.

It might be hard for you to believe that this game was released in 1996 - it's still hard for me.
the graphics are AMAZING - the numerous characters are quirky & the sheer amount of content,
plot, conversation & environments in this adventure would put any current day game to the test.

You, an English spy, travel back in time to a mission you had aboard the Titanic. If you succeed you change the course of history - preventing WWI and other global crisis in the years to come.

To get this game running you really need to set up a partition on your hard drive to run windows xp or 98...

It's great to walk through the historically accurate ship. but even if you can't invest the time to play this game/get it running - feel free to take a tour of the ship to get an idea of what i'm talking about.

6/6 polly toes 

** please be aware that this software runs on Windows 95/98 and that I cant promise you will be able to get it to work on your personal computer **

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