Wednesday, June 22, 2011

nerd alert : tron

i know its not oscar worthy, but Tron: Legacytotally rocked my world.
also I have a super huge crush on Jeff Bridges...(and his kick ass in-game living quarters)

01/Atari Classics$29.95  //  02/ pac man journal $8.00  //  03/ pong doormat $40.00  //  04/ ghost chair $410.00  //  05/ pixel couch $n/a  //  06/ all your base stamp $12.99  //  07/HappyLite$31.99  //  08/ my brothers frame $250.00  //  09/ motorcycle screen $52.00  //  10/ q bert pillow $45.00  //  11/Identity Disc$24.27  //  12/Arcade Game$3,699.99  //  13/ tokens $3.50

from the to-die-for Daft Punk Soundtrackto the totally awesome bike design - i was hooked from start to finish... and who loves the blue orange color combo that dominated the screen? um, this girl.

so though I havent played this video game - i know i wont regret this upcoming purchase.

no toes yet! I'll be sure to let you now how it goes.

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