Tuesday, May 31, 2011

jumping june

01/ marmalade cat bed $159.00  //  02/ modkat litterbox $179.99  //  03/ meow bowl $12.99  //  04/ faux bearskin $31.99  
05/ urban pet bowl $20.00  //  06/ stainless steel fountain $99.95  //  07/ litter box hider $239.95  //  08/ cat igloo $124.95

harve & polly both have june birthdays. so lets ring in the month with some gift ideas
for my favorite little fur balls.

Friday, May 27, 2011


loving all the iphone and laptop skins over at society6

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

nerd alert : towel day

 available from anthropologie / cb2 / macy's / bed bath & beyond / west elm / urban outfitters

may 25th is towel day!! no idea what i'm referring to? hm... must not be big douglas adams fans...

well, i think he's great - and i am saving his more recent computer game (starship titanic) for a special nerd alert post.. but since today is a wednesday - and it's towel day - lets go waaaay back to before games had graphics...

Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy text adventure! it is so difficult i've never finished it.
(go ahead and try it out, i'll be here when you return super frustrated)

I know right! its like fumbling around in the dark with no auto spell check! it's really more of a milestone in the world of gaming than anything else... so lets just appreciate it for what it is.

so in honor of ford prefect & douglas adams... how about we look as some towels any hitchhiker would be happy to have on hand.

polly gives this one 4.2/6 toes.... get it? 42

**** UPDATE : much better version of the game available here

Monday, May 23, 2011

happy birthday mr. doyle

01/ deerstalker $52.00  //  02/ elementary button $4.00  //  03/ leather buttons $15.50  //  04/ hollow book $sold - but lots more  
05/ sherlock holmes book $7.00  //  06/ sherlock silhouette pillow $48.00  //  07/ magnifying glass pendant $20.00  //  08/ pipe $14.70  
09/ watson doll $29.00  //  10/ bobbie pin $19.95  //  11/ finger print kit - on display at the University of London  //  12/ blank notebook $10.00

may 22nd was Sir Arthur Conan Doyles Birthday.. so in honor of one of the greatest detective novelists of all time - how about a little tribute post to honor his very famous literary characters.

Not only do i highly recommend you read the original collection of stories - but also don't be afraid to pick up the very entertaining sherlockian by graham moore - i also fully endorse the BBCs new take on the detective in their new series 'sherlock' where sherlock holmes lives in current day london with roommate watson... there have also been a few computer games over the years - all of which are great...

regardless of how you choose to celebrate, the items above will help you solve the case

Thursday, May 19, 2011

road trip!

about to leave for massachusetts!

... what do harve & polly say to a 14 hours car ride? Bring it.

// from here

take off

// from here
gorgeous! why hasnt anyone done this before?!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

nerd alert : white wolf

nancy drew has played quite a large role in my life. from reading the books, to watching the old black and white movies, to playing the very successful games from herinteractive.

There are currently 23 titles featuring nancy, the white wolf of icicle creek is #16

01/ kayak pendant $15.00  //  02/ crystal leaf necklace $55.00  //  03/ moose $200.00  //  04/ fish earrings $22.00  //  05/ sauna towel $24.90  
06/ snow shoes $175.00  //  07/ fox & goose game $18.75  //  08/ wolf tank $28.00  //  09/ deer silhouette $18.00  //  10/ felt acorns $12.00  
11/ log bench $5.95  //  12/ paw mittens $20.00

you play nancy drew, the quick witted sleuth in charge of finding the culprit behind a series of accidents at a cozy winter lodge... each incident is close on the heals of a white wolf which enhances the mystery

the characters are all suspicious, the terrain is treacherous, and there is plenty to explore inside the comfortable lodge you will be staying in.

So is the wolf behind the accidents? well, you'll just have to play it and find out!

4.5/6 polly toes

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i {heart} type

well its no secret I have a thing for letterpress.. and this typography deconstruction poster is sooo cool
buy it here

Monday, May 16, 2011

h.j. mews

kitties + jessica hische = harve & polly instant favorite

moving moving moving

// cat nap packing tape $7.00

So the movers came this weekend ... put all my stuff on a truck.... and drove away

we said "goodbye stuff!" and are hoping it all shows up in Massachusetts by the end of this week.

after some tears - harve, polly & I said bye to smith and are spending the next few days with my parents while I wait for the moving company to give me the cue to head to boston.


// from here
look at that! LOOK AT THAT! I will never under appreciate my computers magic ability to do everything i want it to do... ever. again.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

nerd alert : vampyre story

I have a soft spot in my heart for the game designers that made a Vampyre Story... they are from the monkey island era at LucasArts - and have reformed to create Autumn Moon Entertainment

a Vampyre Story, was their first stab at independent game making. I will admit over hyping this game in my head. Its not my usual style of story - its very funny, and i enjoy a good psychological thriller most days - but overall it was a great game.

you are Mona de Lefitte, an opera singer from paris whose biggest competitor intriduced her to Baron Shrowdy (who turns her into a vampyre)

she has a cute little bat friend and suffers from some intense denial - the environments are beautiful, the dialogue is original, and the puzzles are enough to make you frustrated. all in all - a good way to spend a weekend.

polly gives this one 4/6 toes
(probably because there werent enough black cats in it!)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

pattinson power

// from here

this made me laugh SO hard i couldn't resist sharing

100 best opening lines

these are cool.. all the best opening lines in literature - check it out

Monday, May 9, 2011

dear dexter

01/ stanley chow dexter poster $  //  02/ season one print $49.95  //  03/ latex gloves $16.56  //  04/ dexters trophy box $189.00
05/ season five print $49.95  //  06/ dexter kill uniform $34.95  //  07/ saxon campbell poster $?  //  08/ blood slide poster $?

i am a huge fan of DEXTER - it's right up my alley as far as TV shows go - and I'm not alone...

several artists have even taken the idea of "fan art" to a new level - posters, sure, but your own dexter slide box? woah! I also love how showtime is supporting the trend and taking dexter to the next level with trivia, games and apps.

if you haven't had a chance to watch the series yet & don't have tv watching plans, i highly recommend you run out and pick up season 1

Friday, May 6, 2011

moving pictures

// from here
I have seen these all over the internet - animated photos by Kevin Burg & Jamie Beck
I am making it a goal to learn how to do this...

they are magical - like harry potter portraits, moving, surprising you.. and making seamless loops out of perfect moments... see more here

Thursday, May 5, 2011

anna wili

aren't these gorgeous? check out anna wili's site for more amazing paper and copper sculptures

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

nerd alert : hotel dusk room 215

01/ police badge $0.85  //  02/ suspenders $?  //  03/ dsi xl $203.97  //  04/ id bracelet $36.88  //  05/ fountain pen $199.95
06/ angel bookmark $26.00  //  07/ hotel dusk room 215 $19.30 //  08/ red box $71.99  //  09/ eye patch $3.95  //  10/ retro phone $63.95
11/ xmas lights $44.99  //  12/ notebook $8.25

Love my nintendo DSi xl with a capitol "L"..
and games like Hotel Dusk Room 215 only strengthen the bond

You are an ex-cop looking for answers to solve the mystery of your partners death,
and all the answers seem to be right here at Hotel Dusk.

I like the drawn style of this game - and the music really gets stuck in your head as you log hours of game play. Haunted by your past - using the future to piece together the puzzle - you are in for an all around great mystery.

beware red herrings! and remember to be wary of what you say in this conversation heavy adventure.

5.5/6 polly toes
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