Wednesday, May 11, 2011

nerd alert : vampyre story

I have a soft spot in my heart for the game designers that made a Vampyre Story... they are from the monkey island era at LucasArts - and have reformed to create Autumn Moon Entertainment

a Vampyre Story, was their first stab at independent game making. I will admit over hyping this game in my head. Its not my usual style of story - its very funny, and i enjoy a good psychological thriller most days - but overall it was a great game.

you are Mona de Lefitte, an opera singer from paris whose biggest competitor intriduced her to Baron Shrowdy (who turns her into a vampyre)

she has a cute little bat friend and suffers from some intense denial - the environments are beautiful, the dialogue is original, and the puzzles are enough to make you frustrated. all in all - a good way to spend a weekend.

polly gives this one 4/6 toes
(probably because there werent enough black cats in it!)

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