Wednesday, May 25, 2011

nerd alert : towel day

 available from anthropologie / cb2 / macy's / bed bath & beyond / west elm / urban outfitters

may 25th is towel day!! no idea what i'm referring to? hm... must not be big douglas adams fans...

well, i think he's great - and i am saving his more recent computer game (starship titanic) for a special nerd alert post.. but since today is a wednesday - and it's towel day - lets go waaaay back to before games had graphics...

Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy text adventure! it is so difficult i've never finished it.
(go ahead and try it out, i'll be here when you return super frustrated)

I know right! its like fumbling around in the dark with no auto spell check! it's really more of a milestone in the world of gaming than anything else... so lets just appreciate it for what it is.

so in honor of ford prefect & douglas adams... how about we look as some towels any hitchhiker would be happy to have on hand.

polly gives this one 4.2/6 toes.... get it? 42

**** UPDATE : much better version of the game available here

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