Monday, May 23, 2011

happy birthday mr. doyle

01/ deerstalker $52.00  //  02/ elementary button $4.00  //  03/ leather buttons $15.50  //  04/ hollow book $sold - but lots more  
05/ sherlock holmes book $7.00  //  06/ sherlock silhouette pillow $48.00  //  07/ magnifying glass pendant $20.00  //  08/ pipe $14.70  
09/ watson doll $29.00  //  10/ bobbie pin $19.95  //  11/ finger print kit - on display at the University of London  //  12/ blank notebook $10.00

may 22nd was Sir Arthur Conan Doyles Birthday.. so in honor of one of the greatest detective novelists of all time - how about a little tribute post to honor his very famous literary characters.

Not only do i highly recommend you read the original collection of stories - but also don't be afraid to pick up the very entertaining sherlockian by graham moore - i also fully endorse the BBCs new take on the detective in their new series 'sherlock' where sherlock holmes lives in current day london with roommate watson... there have also been a few computer games over the years - all of which are great...

regardless of how you choose to celebrate, the items above will help you solve the case

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