Wednesday, May 18, 2011

nerd alert : white wolf

nancy drew has played quite a large role in my life. from reading the books, to watching the old black and white movies, to playing the very successful games from herinteractive.

There are currently 23 titles featuring nancy, the white wolf of icicle creek is #16

01/ kayak pendant $15.00  //  02/ crystal leaf necklace $55.00  //  03/ moose $200.00  //  04/ fish earrings $22.00  //  05/ sauna towel $24.90  
06/ snow shoes $175.00  //  07/ fox & goose game $18.75  //  08/ wolf tank $28.00  //  09/ deer silhouette $18.00  //  10/ felt acorns $12.00  
11/ log bench $5.95  //  12/ paw mittens $20.00

you play nancy drew, the quick witted sleuth in charge of finding the culprit behind a series of accidents at a cozy winter lodge... each incident is close on the heals of a white wolf which enhances the mystery

the characters are all suspicious, the terrain is treacherous, and there is plenty to explore inside the comfortable lodge you will be staying in.

So is the wolf behind the accidents? well, you'll just have to play it and find out!

4.5/6 polly toes

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