Wednesday, June 15, 2011

nerd alert : laura croft

in my younger years there weren't many system games that starred a female character.. so the Tomb Raiderseries quickly climbed to the top of my playlist

01/ call the butler print $19.00  //  02/ t-rex necklace $79.99  //  03/ motorcycle tee $18.00  //  04/ combat boots $78.00  //  05/ backpack $58.00  
06/ casing ring $140.00  //  07/ uzi necklace $179.00  //  08/ teal tank $18.00

laura croft has big boobs - get over it.. they were octagons for crying out loud. the point is she was hard core cool - feminine, fearless, adventurous, intelligent.. and she had a butler.

all in all not a bad roll model for a girl in the 90's, she gave me a reason to want combat boots and listen to nine inch nails

.... ok, maybe she didn't make me popular... but she did make me more original than tea parties, heart dotted "i"'s and glitter nail polish. she made me realize that women are powerful and seductive... and in my book that's the best lesson you can learn from a video game.

6/6 polly toes

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