Wednesday, April 13, 2011

nerd alert : grim fandango

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ready to go back in time? the year is 1998... I am an impressionable 12 year old with an unhealthy obsession with computers... lucas arts meanwhile, at the height of their adventure gaming days, has just released grim fandango .. the brain child of game designer tim schafer.

for being 13 years old, this game holds up. I will admit its increasingly harder to run with each windows upgrade - but it's worth it.

01/ die cufflinks $8.99  //  02/ the bootleggers $10.00  //  03/ anchor laptop tattoo $5.99  //  04/ sythe (keep it next to where your 
heart use to be) $125.00  //  05/ walking stick with compass in handle $55.00  //  06/ casket flask $?  //  07/ day of the dead t-shirt $21.99
08/ marquee arrow $198.00  //  09/ hot rod pedal car $299.00  //  10/ balloon animal necklace $25.00  //  11/ calavera earrings $24.00
12/ sombrero save the date $20.00  //  13/ sugar skulls $55.00

I should mention that this game is heavily based on the November 2nd celebration of the Day of the Dead, which only adds to the colorful locations and characters you come across on your adventure. You are Manny Calavera, a travel agent who sells recently departed souls transportation packages across the land of the dead, until Mercedes Colomar walks into the story and starts him down the path of revealing the crooked nature of the company he works for.

It has it all - good guys, bad guys, deceit, casinos, revolution, spiders, trains, monsters, balloon animals, hot rods, petrified wood, flowers, ships, suits, pearls, blimps, bees, and cats.. to name a few.. not to mention a storyline that is to die for (no pun intended)... that compass in the handle will sure come in handy too!

polly is giving this one 6/6 toes & i wholeheartedly agree

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