Wednesday, April 6, 2011

nerd alert: gray matter {revisited}

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This weeks game : Gray Matter
You can read my original post about gray matter here - but to sum it up you control 2 characters - the first is Sam Everett, a magician looking to find her way into an exclusive magic club - and the second is Dr. David styles, a neurobiologist with a troubled past.

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01/ x-ray photo $29.99  //  02/ master of illusion game $26.98  //  03/ costume mask $2.70  //  04/ ghost candelabra $65.00  

05/ rainy day bank $27.00  //  06/ magic wand remote $89.95  //  07/ magic bunny toothpick holder $30.00  //  08/ heart knife block $90.00  
09/ bicycle deck $1.25  //  10/ lab beaker $176.26  //  11/ phrenology poster $19.99

full of puzzles, magic and trickery of the mind, this was a great game with awesome graphics and a pretty good soundtrack too. 

6/6 Toes // Overall
1 // Graphics
The game play graphics were great, and the scenes were stunning. The cut scenes were more or less static illustration with minimal animation, which i didn't mind because they were mostly used to illustrate dream-like moments and they were done very well.

1 // Storyline and Characters
The characters were great. During game play you control Samantha and David, so the different perspectives of the storyline added to the depth of what you could explore in the game. The members of the 'Lambs Club' were also all unique and well portrayed. I still feel the ending was a bit thrown together, but more in a "I want more!" way than anything else.

1 // Soundtrack and Sound Effects
Most of the game featured the musical talents of the Scarlet Furies, which i especially enjoyed since most game soundtracks rarely feature lyrics. The music did turn a little gabriel-knight-esgue towards the end, but i don't mind nostalgia much.

1 // Length of Game and Price
This game takes a solid couple evening to complete, on my last run through it was 3 nights of play, so I will estimate 8-10+ hours of play. which is very decent. I also digitally downloaded this game (no shipping!) for $29.99 - which i was happy to pay for the much anticipated Jane Jensen Release.

1 // Replay Value
Not only have I replayed this game 3 times since i purchased it in February, I actually recommend a replay since I felt lke I missed a lot of the story the first time around.

1 // Puzzle Difficulty 
The puzzles were more task based, and the ability to turn off/on hotspots made it a lot easier to complete objectives. The map was also color coded so you knew where there were still things to complete (Which was great for my lack of patience, but not so great for the puzzle difficulty). 

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