Wednesday, April 27, 2011

nerd alert : the 13th skull


This weeks gaming glimpse is sort of different. The Thirteenth Skull is a "hidden object game" - think of I SPY but with a plot. In this Lousiana bayou based mystery, you are a asked to investigate the disappearance of a missing husband & set off riffling though attics, broom closets & ancient tombs looking for clues to solve the crime.

This type of game is available from BigFish a site full of leisurely games - which is great way to get those gaming toes in the water. I will admit that these games aren't epic - but they're a lot of fun. they are also cheap & available as a direct download! Did I mention its available on Mac & PC?!? Mac options always make me sooo happy!

01/ hunter wellies $125.00  //  02/ victorian sofa $3500.00  //  03/ jolly rodger flag $4.87  //  04/ treasure chest $99.00
05/ voodoo doll necklace $25.00  //  06/ chandelier vinyl decal $28.00  //  07/ antique crystal chandelier $345.00  //  08/ turtle shell $18.00
09/ crow skull necklace $28.00

The setting of the 13th Skull makes the game - you are in an old plantation surrounded by Spanish moss and aligators - investigating a mysterious dissappearance that seems to bee linked to the houses original owner - a pirate. Characters are abundant as you try to find the perpetrator - suspecting Voodoo and other magic is a part of the puzzle. 4/6 Polly toes.

If you are even a tiny bit interested you can download a risk free 1 hour "try it" trial of the game!

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