Friday, April 1, 2011

wishful thinking

01/ red corduroy bag $126.00  //  02/ blue stone necklace $34.00  //  03/ latham wall clock $59.00  //  04/ wool tote $105.00  //  05/ belt bracelet $22.00
06/ milk glass planter $22.00

i work at a university - so my year still closely ebbs and flows with the academic calendar.

today is the first friday of spring quarter and it has me thinking of springtime in the classroom.... staring at the clock waiting to get to go out into the warmer weather, the teachers desk and windowsills covered in plants that seem to want to do the exact same thing.. wearing uniforms and looking out at blue skies.

looking forward to april to say the least! hope its pretty enough to spend some of it outdoors

1 comment:

  1. awe, you wrote that so well. i recall those days, sitting in the classroom anticipating the bell to ring. showing the clock was brilliant! and everything else would be on my wish list too. wishing you many gorgeous outdoor moments. ♥


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