Monday, February 28, 2011

nerd alert: gray matter

so i am on the fence about todays post.... mainly beacuse of how nerdy it makes me out to be...

but gray matter, the newest title from Jane Jensen (video game designer extraordinaire), came out last week and i am so excited i finally got to play it yesterday.

So far, after years of hype, its holding up quite well. the graphics are awesome, it runs like butter
on the windows 7 side of my partitioned mac (see, i told you the nerdy side was coming out) and its
so reminiscent of the classic point and click genre from my childhood, i had to call my mom and
gush about it.

if you aren't afraid to be the last picked for kickball, or the one staying in with your computer on a Friday night - I highly recommend you try it out. I'll let you know what the final verdict is when i beat it - hopefully by the end of this week, time permitting. the concept art isn't too shabby either

UPDATE : after beating the game i give it a score of 4.5/5 stars - i only give it 4.5 & not 5 because of a sloppily thrown together love plot near the end

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