Friday, February 4, 2011

the pearl

so you're allowed to be jealous...

because i went to beautiful san diego CA
to visit my sister at the end of january

while i was there i went to see the pearl hotel,
which was mentioned over at Oh Joy last july

I know my pictures aren't as good as hers (i should've gone at night)
but my review of what i saw was "tiny"

there aren't many photos because that's really all there is to see. it had a cool vibe,
and i bet its a great bar, but i need to remind myself that retro in its true sense is
usually a smaller scale than i would hope.


  1. I love old signs like this one! I also am really loving your banner. Did you create it yourself? xo. Claudia

  2. Yeah, I love the typeface they used for this sign.

    and yes, i did make my banner - thanks!

  3. These photos are awesome! Loving how your blog reflects your clean design sensibility that I know you have in real life, haha!


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