Wednesday, December 7, 2011

nerd alert : sherlock holmes mystery of the mummy

Let's just say I am a pretty big mystery fan, and Sherlock Holmes is at the top of sleuthing stardom. Needless to say I an absolutely stoked to see the new Sherlock movie that comes out the 16th - so much in fact that I have decided to replay all of the Sherlock Holmes computer games. Starting with the first: Sherlock Holmes the Mystery of the Mummy

Sherlock has been asked to solve a mystery! A man disappeared 6 months ago and his daughter needs your help. Scour his beautiful mansion, full of Egyptian artifacts and puzzles to try and discover what happened to him. Explore the house, solve the puzzles to travel deep and deeper into the mystery.

01/ pith helmet $19.99 // 02/ bastet art $14.00 // 03/ faux zebra rug $66.00 // 04/ Cleopatra pendant $32.00 // 05/ vintage book print $27.00 // 06/ pipe $20.00 // 07/ torch pendant $37.00 // 08/ hieroglyphics $1.00 // 09/ pyramid talisman $25.00

This is an older game - circa 2002 and quite honestly if it didnt have both Sherlock and Mummies in the title I would say i didnt like it... but since I love both sherlock and mummies I am trying to see the brighter side of things..

Its puzzles are mainly inventory and the items are hard to find in some cases. Also there is little method to the madness (and you will go a little mad trying to figure out where items are, and which items to use where). But for a late 90's early 00's game the graphics are pretty good, but the music is pretty hokie.

3/6 Toes // Overall

1// Graphics
for 2002 the graphics are pretty good. The 360 view of the rooms is also helpful for finding things. There isn't an option for gamma correction and the scenes are a bit dark.

0.5 // Storyline and Characters

Holmes is pretty much all you get the entire game, a few letters keep you company. There are some gaps in the back story of you cousin (or soon to be cousin? I never got that straight) and you feel rather aimless wandering through the house... convinced that this is where all the clues must be based on absolutely nothing.

0 // Soundtrack and Sound Effects

The music is classic 90's gaming. Its low budget and you don't really understand how jazz got paired with a British library from 1899.

1 // Length of Game and Price
This game has length going for it, and you can download it online for $6.99 from BigFish! so I have to give it a full point there.

0 // Replay Value
The only reason I thought to replay this game was because of the new Sherlock game coming out! But I don't think i will be playing it again anytime soon.... however if i did come across the DS version (on sale) I would pick it up
0.5 // Puzzle Difficulty
Half a point because the puzzles are 50/50 - half of them you fly through without thinking, the other half are infuriatingly vague and based on items you cant find. oh and they are timed too.

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