Tuesday, April 24, 2012


omg moving sucks. There is so much stuff! How did I get all this stuff? Why did I think it was necessary to buy all this stuff?

The good news is I have officially moved to a bigger apartment and for the first time in my life i dont own enough lamps. I didnt think it was possible, but apparently it is.

Unfortunately I am too tired to care. So harve, polly and I will be sleeping during every minute of our spare time until all the boxes are officially gone (or clawed to shreds.. whichever comes first).

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  1. Yes! I am always trying to get rid of more stuff. First world problems.

    Glad you are in and resting!

  2. I am excited to see your new place! Either through blog photos, or IDEALLY, a Summertime VISIT! But either way, congrats on the bigger place, lady!


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