Wednesday, July 6, 2011

nerd alert : captive curse

01/ ruby pendent $189.00  02/ lederhosen $114,000.00  //  03/ stein $11.25  // 04/ black forest cake painting $950.00  //  05/ deutschland mug $15.00  //  06/ medieval town photo print $20.00  //  07/ cuckoo clock $172.00  //  08/ grimms fairy tales $18.00  //  09/ elephant scarf $67.00

this past weekend I played the most recent addition to the nancy drew series : the captive curse

in the 24th Nancy Drew game from herinteractive, you are off to solve a fairytale mystery at a german castle. A monster is loose, and a legend of disappearing girls has Nancy playing the role of his next victim.

meet some questionable characters, help them play some games and get them talking about the tainted past of the history of Finster Castle. 

There were some somewhat interesting puzzles in this one, but it was a little light even on senior mode. Also, the castle layout was a bit confusing to navigate at first - but you'll catch on fast.

3/6 polly toes

Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse

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