Wednesday, July 20, 2011

nerd alert : sins of the fathers

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fatherswas the initial installment of the three part Gabriel Knight series by (my all time favorite) Jane Jensen.

01/ st. louis cathedral $15.00  //  02/ picayune $227.40/year  //  03/ new orleans cemetery $28.00  //  04/ snake ring $591.00  //  05/ dagger $110.00  //  06/ mardi gras beads $1.50  //  07/ crocodile mask $24.95  //  08/ coffee print $35.00  //  09/ clock box $180.00  //  10/ hair gel $2.90

Gabriel is a loner of sorts, a writer who idolizes beautiful women, owns a book store, and is haunted by terrifying nightmares.

Strange murders in New Orleans are scaring off tourists and making the locals quiet. Seeing the VooDoo inspired murders as a great plot line for his novel-in-progress, Gabriel takes advantage of his friend Detective Mosley to get some dirt on whats been going on. Little does he know the case will not only change his future, but also give him great insight into his past.

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Set in new orleans, this 1993 title is high on both pixels and charm. you wont be dissappointed (if you cant get this to run, its also available in novel form)

6/6 polly toes

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