Wednesday, August 24, 2011

nerd alert : clue

murder mystery? check. array of probable weapons? check. characters cool enough to fight my sister for *cough*scarlet*cough*? check.

01/ lead pipe $8.43  //  02/ clue journal $20.00  //  03/ peacock hat $45.00  //  04/ rope $21.00  //  05/ floorplan napkin $5.95  //  06/ candle stick $15.00  //  07/ clue suspect glasses $126.00  //  08/  wrench $43.50

Well, board games are only brought out at holidays, and the idea of finding a place to store one in my apartment is slightly nauseating. so playing clue has sadly fallen by the wayside for the past few years.

But recently I played Hasbros newish video game version of the 50 year old gaming classic.

Its pricey - so I only played the free trial... but i will admit a strong temptation to buy. I am very happy with the art deco stylized illustration of the game, and it seems to move quickly, even while playing all the characters.

There are three difficulty levels you can set for you opponents, which i think makes the game more true to life, set a few at rookie and the rest at expert to mimic your competitive sister and 'not so into this' neighbor.

Sorry mom for never letting you play the cool characters... you're the best.

Polly gives this one 3.5/6 toes - very over priced - it is, after all, a board game

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