Wednesday, August 3, 2011

nerd alert : secrets can kill

I am not a huge fan of re-released games. I am too nostalgic about my games and i don't like them changing on me. however lately I have been running into the inevitable - games getting too old to run.

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Today's nerd alert is the very first Nancy Drew game - released - by Her Interactive : Secrets Can Kill.
And its pretty season appropriate with all the back-to-school stuff going on!

01/ back to school socks $7.99  //  02/ mini vending machine $149.99  //  03/ recycled paper pencils $13.99  //  04/ clementine markers $6.00  //  05/ baggu backpack $24.00  //  06/ oot lunch box $45.00  //  07/ master lock $6.60  //  08/ elements pillow $35.00  //  09/ bobble bottles $12.99

originally released in 1998 it was recently re-released and remastered with better graphics, better puzzles and a new ending. Also they have been making their newer games PC/MAC compatible... I couldn't say no.

The graphics were originally pretty good, the characters were kind of a corny illustrations - now they are on par with Her Interactives more recent games, which is a plus. other than that I was kind of dissappointed... the game wasnt all that good the first time around, so i guess i shouldnt be surprised.

I finished this game in record time - less than 3 hours - and trust me it had nothing to do with the fact I played the original years ago.

Also, the new ending created the possibility to skip an entire round of questioning, and excluded a lot of character importance that belonged to the first game. new ending + old story = messy plot line

How about we re-release the classics, and keep the beginners pile in the past where it belongs.

Original | 3/6 polly toes
Remastered | 1/6 polly toes

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  1. omg those socks are awesome! i totally dig them : )

    you're blog is super cute - i'm your newest follower


    ps i might be going to the rendez-vous in boston this sept, too!


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