Wednesday, August 17, 2011

nerd alert : stargazer

this weeks nerd alert isnt about a game (Gasp! I know!) its about an iPhone app.

01/ constellation cards $40.00  //  02/ custom constellation necklace $59.00  //  03/ star dress $130.00  //  04/ blue windows behind the stars $40.00  //  05/ glass glitter stars $5.25 //  06/ origami stars $6.95  //  07/ shining star $20.00  //  08/ ursa major pillow $42.00

Its called Sky View, and it uses the camera on your phone, and your global positioning to show you the entire night sky. It tells you where you can spot the satellites, space stations and planets too.

If you want to know what stars and constellations are above you, point your camera at them and tap the screen. I personally like to lie in bed and look at the stars through the ceiling... (last night I fell asleep directly under Vega by the way)

And if you ask me... nothing says late summer like a night of stargazing.

6/6 polly toes

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