Wednesday, September 7, 2011

nerd alert : Alice for DS

Alice has fallen down the rabbit hole again! but this time, its into a highly stylized illustrated environment. Meet characters, each with a special ability. The rabbit controls time, the caterpillar stretches across gaps, and the cat claws his way clear of confusion as they steer Alice down the right path.

 01/ Alice In Wonderland for DS $11.64  //  02/ Alice $7.80  //  03/ Cheshire Cat $9.48  //  04/ Mailbox $17.97  //  05/ White Rabbit $8.03  //  06/ black hair ribbon $3.75  //  07/ White Gloves $3.08  //  08/ Bicycle Clear Playing Cards$6.48  //  09/Nintendo DSi XL $169.99  //  10/ Mad Hatter$9.50

Thats right - you don't control Alice, in this game your objective is to protect her using the whole Wonderland gang.

The illustrated style of this game is great - I was additionally thankful for my Nintendo DSi xl - the extra large screen made it easy to see the graphics in all of their intended glory.

The red queens army is not to be taken lightly as they try to steal Alice away from the band of Wonderland characters. As the game progresses, your crew gains not one, but 2 abilities (ex. the cat can not only claw, but now also makes things appear and disappear) creating new puzzles in each environment.

Switch between characters at will throughout the game while protecting Alice, finding keys, tracking down treasure chests, and putting together pieces of the jigsaw puzzle as you search for the Red Queen and Jabberwocky

This wasn't just a great movie adaptation - it was a great game! Personally loved the little quips of humor and the games method of layering abilities and characters over the course of the story.

5/6 polly toes - not going to beat around the bush - LOVED this little game. In fact, I couldn't put it down... its as if little Alice belonged in her digital wonderland all along.

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