Wednesday, September 28, 2011

nerd alert : oddworld

You are Abe, a blue skinned alien, and you used to be employee of the year. Now however, you are enemy no. 1... After discovering the companys secret plot to start making tasty treats out of its employees your saga for salvation begins, one mudokon at a time. Its not an easy task though, enemies are at every turn to gun you down, or blow you up.

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The concept art for oddworld is smashing, gorgeous, brilliant. It was my first introduction to concept art and I dont think I have been the same since. The cut-scenes were amazing for '97, and the game play, though 2D, was gorgeously rendered in extreme detail. I'm not going to discuss it in depth now, but the fact that some don't view video games as true art is muffled with each game that takes its concepting to this level; syberia, half life, and final fantasy XIII just to name a few.

01/ pie $28.00  //  02/ barrel $42.00  //  03/ concept art  //  04/ pulley $195.00  //  05/ box-o-bones $25.00
06/ concept art  //  07/ mask $85.00  //  08/ cigar $4.50

The game itself is smart. There is a bit of a learning curve as you learn the Mudokon 'speak' and how to move your co-workers about. I will admit to a few accidental deaths... its very hard not to kill them... If you haven played this game think of it as Lemmings on steroids. The puzzles get a bit intense, and the game itself is very long and progressively more difficult.

You can buy this game in all its vintage glory over at for $5.99

5/6 Polly toes

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