Wednesday, September 21, 2011

nerd alert : coma / loondon

01/ Coma

There are some great flash games out there, though they err more on the side of artistic statements than real games. I prefer to think of them as small interactive journeys that teach you lessons, one of these games is called Coma

01/ jump rope $18.00  //  02/ caged light $59.00  //  03/ thaumatrope illusion necklace $34.00

It takes place in a dream - a very short dream. in fact you can play the entire game in about 11 minutes. But take your time and enjoy the soundtrack, graphics, and character interaction. it is really lovely.

02/ Loondon

The second game, and my favorite of the two, is called loondon, where your character leaves home to explore the world... the world however has different plans.

 01/ apple brooch $16.00  //  02/ big top picture $6.00  //  03/ city pillow $36.00

This game has more of a defined plot, and a very sad ending. All in 9 minutes I might add.

Whichever one you choose, please appreciate the stylized environments and storytelling in these flash games - It's really wonderful people take the time to share their talents through these games.

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