Monday, January 30, 2012


Well, I had a great time in california! Always love getting to see some palm trees and surfers - but we did some very fun extras on this trip including whale watching, a comedy show, La Jolla Sunsets, LA, the Chinese theater, Universal Studios, a casino, and visited a farm!

Where do I start?! Whale watching was surprisingly fast for a 3 hour tour, there were about 6 gray whales that we saw pretty consistently the whole time and about 600 dolphins. Also spotted a Sea Lion sun bathing.

Down to the artsy part of town for some shopping at a salvage store, antique boutique & mid century modern resale shop! The best salsa ever at a restaurant I cant remember all decked out in Día de Muertos colors and skulls.

My sisters very good friend Jeff has an aunt who raises miniature horses - it was even better because we met a 4 day old baby donkey and lots of dogs, cats & peacocks! Then off to the casino where we lost too much money - oops! but had a great time anyway.

Kelly and I rented a red convertible and drove with the top down up to LA - coastline view the whole way. First we went to the Chinese Theater and tried on everyones shoes - then we walked up and down the star studded sidewalk of Hollywood Boulevard. I even got to see the Hollywood sign!

After our taste of Tinseltown - we headed to Universal Studios. I will make a note to always go on Tuesdays because we felt like we had the run of the park. The best ride was probably the Mummy coaster... but I must say the Krusty Land and the Universal Tour were equally fin and amazing.

Not even going to try to scrape the surface of all the great food we ate - Thai, Wine Bar, Inn & Out burger, the Spot, Snooze, world famous... time for a diet.

And did I mention Kelly's most amazing friend Laura (check out her blog - the Color Room Confessionals) cut my hair and gave me some sunshine highlights to take home with me? Love it! Not to mention her daughter Ella (up in the mustache picture) is the cutest little girl ever.

All in all a great trip - I always have so much fun with the fam on our Cali vacations!

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  1. Ahhh, this sounds like an amazing vacation! So glad you had a good time!


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