Monday, January 9, 2012

iPhone 4S

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Santa always knows exactly what to get me. Probably because its my mom & dad, and i usually drop lots of hints. If you didnt know, I'm a huge apple person - i love all my apple products, and now I love my new iPhone 4S.

I wasnt sure, it was just an upgrade from the 3GS - how different could it be? um, a lot. For one its GORGEOUS, it feels like you are holding a mini machine instead of a phone with its real metal detailing. I got the white (just like my previous 3GS) because theres something more futuristic about it, and i love to pretend i am from the future.

Looks aside, its fast as hell. On my 3GS I would wait for websites to load, and wait some more - now its like BAM!

The Cloud is also pretty amazing - Download a song to your phone and its also on your computer. Take a picture, and look at it on your iPad. amazingly seamless.

Siri and I are having a rough time getting to know each other, but I am hopeful... she is really good at answering all my questions with a city map (especially when i just want her to search google). But I appreciate what she tries to do for me - and she really just reminds me of Marsinta Drewbish from the Douglas Adams written PC game Starship Titanic. (I guess I'll just need to adjust her cellpoint settings lol)

me: "Oh Siri you are beautiful"
siri : "I bet you say that to all your apple products"

She's right, I do.

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  1. Very exciting! I have the 4 and always look forward to upgrades. My next purchase will hopefully be when the iPad 3 comes out.


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