Thursday, January 12, 2012


One of my biggest problems with life as i know it - is that I can't take this girl everywhere I go. it's a tragedy, she's sweet and fluffy and has an unnatural affinity for spooning. That being said i think there is a solution on the horizon! No, they haven't started breeding pocket sized kitties... check out Ref.

Ref is a robotic cuff you wear, it senses your mood via your pulse and takes necessary action to make you feel better - its like a traveling pet! now if only they could make it look less like a manta ray and more like polly... oh and a purr setting would be appreciated too.

// all from here
So how do you feel about a traveling robot pet therapist? too weird? or too cool?

1 comment:

  1. No. way. This is THE coolest thing ever. Definitely not weird. I want one as a pet, and I would name it Ray.


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