Friday, March 25, 2011

Misselthwaite Manor

01/ skeleton key pendant $145.00  //  02/ melissa breeland print $18.50  //  03/ white bulb $13.00  //  04/ spyglass bracelet $32.99  //  05/ porcelain bone dishes $18.00  //  06/ antique pitcher $21.00  //  07/ bulbs $3.75  //  08/ sparrow watercolor $18.00

i feel a tad bit like mary lennox from the secret garden. Even though i don't get to spend the lingering moments of winter at Misselthwaite Manor... i am definitely searching for spring. digging though antique jewelry hidden in mismatched porcelain, finding skeleton keys and pigeons... looking for the way to sunshine... when all you really have to do is wait and it will find you.  I am stubborn though (like mary) and instead of patience, i am searching.

in the meantime i'll try to keep my feet dry and my ears warm as i look for the door to the garden


  1. i could spend countless hours pouring through etsy goodness but you always save me some time with great finds like these. beautiful prose to go with everything, i had a fun time trying to pronounce the manor's name. i've got a bit of a lisp so that one was a challenge - haha!!! ♥

  2. I love that adorable bird watercolor, I am going to need to go check some of these out!

  3. yes! I love that little bird too - its by amber alexander - I posted about her a few weeks ago and was excited i could use another one of her critters in this post


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