Wednesday, March 2, 2011

wake up alice

01/ teapot $39.95  //  02/ chocolate mushrooms  $sold  //  03/ dodo mug $8.00  //  04/ pocket watch $55,000.00  
05/ walrus pillow $60.00  //  06/ TEA mug $14.00  //  07/ playing card vectors $free

currently reading: alice i have been by melanie benjamin. the book begins from the perspective of 80 something alice liddell who the original alice in wonderland story was inspired by and written for.

she talks about how disappointed people are when they look at her, the embodiment of childhood itself, and watch her age.

As the book progresses it takes you through parts of Alice's life and shows the tragic results of becoming Alice in Wonderland. (this book is pure magic by the way - it will make you cry and rethink everything you know about wonderland)

well Alice Liddell,  if you don't want to be Alice in Wonderland, its fine with me - in fact i wonder what your perfectly preserved self would think of things now. so vividly victorian and antique - the modern adaptations of alice rarely take her out of the oxford inspired elements. but i wonder what the looking glass would look like today, and if children are still so inspired by nature when they spend so much time indoors.

p.s. the real alice was a brunette.

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