Monday, March 21, 2011


01/ purr-fect tipi $24.99  //  02/ fabric & handle $39.00  //  03/ poncho snuggie $54.99  //  04/ arrow wrap ring $35.00  
05/ goldfish sharpener $11.99 for 4  //  06/ feather earrings $37.82  //  07/ bunnylope card $4.00  //  08/ trails lamp $49.99  
09/ vintage canteen $12.00

went to see Rango yesterday.

it was a good movie - i say the 4/5 stars on imdb is pretty accurate - made me laugh... surprised to say it was kind of frightening for little children (and this idea was justified by all the crying and screaming in the theater during the more intense scenes)..

but the best part was the amount of detail. the owl with the mustache was a hoot (pun intended) and the overall western feel was really well done. i even liked the over the top type treatment in the end credits.

being from the great state of Texas (well, in my earlier years at least) i have a special place in my heart for cacti and armadillos. I also have had my fare share of lizards as pets over the years - so it may come as a big surprise i don't own any of the above items (ok ok i own the goldfish pencil sharpener)

enjoy these Rango inspired picks, and go see the movie for some laughs


  1. Fun post! I have heard really good things about this movie and since I live in the desert of AZ and have an appreciation for Cacti, I think I need to go;-) Great blog!

  2. I just ordered that cat teepee, its the cutest thing in the world!

  3. i know! I think harve & polly may be getting one too!


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