Friday, March 11, 2011

rainy retreat

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its been rather gloomy here in ohio.. so wet and rainy and cold it has me wishing for warmer rain and maybe even some sunshine (but i'm getting way ahead of myself)

so since the weather will be this way for some time - i have some ideas of where & how i would want to spend it. I'll start on the above couch with a good book(& a lap kitty of course), and end with
a few items below.

01/ navy ikat pillow $30.00  //  02/ lilacs in rain candle $18.00  //  03/ newspaper  //  04/ diamond ikat pillow $58.00
05/ ipad $499.99  //  06/ harney & sons earl grey $8.00  //  07/ wool slippers $54.00  //  08/ dioscuri lamp $275.00
09/ calico tea cup $48.95  //  10/ sheepskin $39.99


  1. I love the collage of prints behind the wall! I will take all of this stuff too!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday, I'm glad I found yours!

    P.S. I love the way you did your numbered collage, what program do you use?

  2. Hi Julie! Thanks for visiting =)

    The numbering/layout was done in Adobe Illustrator
    (the typeface is helvetica bold, and i used the pen tool to draw the lines)


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