Wednesday, March 30, 2011

nerd alert: the lost crown

i play lots of video games... and  i've decided to embrace this part of my personal life and add it to what i post here on harve & polly... it wont be overbearing - just sprinkled in here & there.. now & then.

Actually, more like every wednesday. you've officially been warned - here we go!

I don't know why - but lately I have been in the mood for something spooky.... and though i've discussed my gaming inclinations previously, they weren't of this ilk. I play some scary games from time to time (psychologically scary - not shoot 'em up zombies scary) - and The Lost Crown is one of my favorites.

Its got it all - ghosts, the sea, cemeteries, a small fishing town full of lore & interesting characters. it even has kitties! (but i will warn you that subplot does not end happily)

this isn't the scariest game i've ever played but its up there.
I have to play it during the day with all of the lights on.. I'll keep the scariest one for another day..
Lost Crown: A Ghost Hunting Adventure gets the Harve & Polly rating of 6/6 polly toes

and in keeping with harve & polly standards here are some items inspired by the game.

01/ lighthouse print $12.00  //  02/ leather notebook $30.00  //  03/ cemetery stone note card $3.00
04/ antique map of Britain $24.95  //  05/ toy sailboat $35.00  //  06/ black crow $40.00  //  07/ industrial salvage pulley $38.00
08/ spyglass $29.00  //  09/ butterfly specimen $14.95

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  1. Hi there! That looks like an interesting game! I have a nerdy side myself - usually comes out when playing The Sims or watching X-Files. Lol. ;)

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi - I'm a new subscriber and found you via the blog hop over at Life of Meg!


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