Wednesday, October 26, 2011

nerd alert : nancy drew alibi in ashes

So a few weekends ago - the newest Nancy Drew games hit the shelves... or rather the directly downloadable shelves and I spent an enjoyable Sunday playing Nancy Drew # 25 : Alibi in Ashes (for mac!).

Nancy Drew is being accused of burning down city hall in River Heights and it's up to George, Bess & Ned to help her find out who is responsible. Switch between characters to get the whole story from all the witnesses, stake out the local ice cream parlor, and try not to break anything at the antique shop.

01/ Magnifying Glass $79.00  //  02/ Matches $3.50  //  03/ Nancy Drew Handbook $17.95  //  04/ Nancy Books $30.50  //  
05/ Mic Magnet $8.00  //  06/ city hall (and togo?!) $4.00  //  07/ Fingerprint Kit $9.99  //  08/ Cell Phone Case $23.00  //  
09/ Fingerprint table $300.00  //  09/ handcuff necklace $44.00

Nancy is behind bars in river heights - but there are a lot of people willing to help her clear her name as the town arsonist. As Nancy, plug away at the case from inside the police station while Bess, George & Ned help your cause on the outside by questioning suspects and gathering clues. Most of this game was time spent switching between characters, it wasn't too terrible (but it would've been nice if you could go between all the characters instead of always having to return to Nancy)

Overall, this game was middle of the road for me. It wasnt great, but it wasn't bad. I really enjoyed the story, scenes and the town of River Heights - but it didn't 'wow' me the way some of the Herinteractive games do.

3/6 Toes // Overall

1 // Graphics 
The graphics in this game are on par with all the other Her interactive games. The illustrated pictures on the cellphone weren't my favorite (put I recognize some are a reference to 'Shadow at the Waters Edge, so I will let it go) Also Nancy's house was gorgeous.

0.5 // Storyline and Characters
Though you have been able to control Nancy's friends in previous games (Like George in Ransom of the Seven Ships, and Frank and Joe Hardy in Creature of Kapu Cave) This was fun since each character had a different relationship with the people you were questioning, so you got less (or more) information depending on who was doing the questioning.

0.5 // Soundtrack and Sound Effects  
The sound was good, the voices were realistic. There wasn't anything spectacular about the music - but I do appreciate consistency in voice actors.

0.5 // Length of Game and Price  
The game was $19.99 for the direct download (yay no shipping!), and I took approximately 6 hours to finish the game. all in all, not the longest game out there, but not terrible for the price.

0 // Replay Value  
This Nancy game didn't have mini games, which i secretly love. The mini games are the main reason I replay Nancy games, and was sad there were so few here. Now that I know how the mystery unfolds, there isnt' much to go back and discover. And I don't think special attention to detain on the second play-through would reveal anything new.

0.5 // Puzzle Difficulty   
the puzzles were more time consuming than difficult. the hardest section was the maze at the end, but even that had dictated rules. 
Am I glad i didn't have to drive the car like 'Secret of the Old Clock'? Yes. Am I sad I didn't have to play a card game with a mysterious man like in 'The Phantom of Venice'? Yes.

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