Wednesday, October 19, 2011

nerd alert : scott pilgrim vs. the world

Yes, this weeks review is a movie not a game.

One man. Seven evil exes. Infinite quarters.

So this past weekend I watched a movie on HBO... it was one of those moments of flipping through the channels in a blank stupor... BAM! POW! the animated elements in the early minutes of Scott Pilgram vs. The World jumped off the screen and instantly intrigued me. (animated GIF from here)

After about 20 minutes of wtf - i really started getting into the extremely game inspired worlds of Scott Pilgrim and Ramona Flowers. Turns out Ramona has 7 evil exes, and in order to date her Scott has to defeat them all.

Knives: Hi. What do you play? (referring to music)
Young Neil: Wow, uhm… Zelda, Tetris… that’s kind of a big question.
Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World [2010]

01/ red bass $169.99  //  02/ POW! necklace $30.00  //  03/ Ramona's bag $120.00  //  04/ love you pin $1.14  //  05/ scott poster $15.00  //  06/ ramona poster $15.00  //  07/ ramona portrait tee $19.99  //  08/ sex bob-ombs tee $19.99  //  09/ scott and ramona soap $5.00  //  10/ x-men patch $7.00  //  11/ WHAM! headband $23.00  //  12/ knives scarf $40.00  //  13/ roller blades $19.95  //  14/ the movie $13.49  //  15/ sweat band $2.95  //  16/ ramonas goggles $23.49  //  17/ pink hair dye $12.99  //  18/ Scott Pilgrims heart decal $5.00

After a little research, I discovered the huge fan base behind the Scott Pilgrim story. Initially a 6 volume graphic novel by Bryan Lee O'Malley and now also sports a Movie starring Michael Cera and (appropriately) a video game.

The game has jumped to the top of my 'need to buy' list, and the fact that it is 8bit inspired, i am stoked.

Sooooo since this isn't a game i have changed the toe definitions a bit....

6/6 Toes // Overall

1 // Graphics 
The integration of comic book and game art makes this movie awesome. You almost forget that you are watching a move, and not watching someone play a game.

1 // Storyline
The characters are cute, and each have a little personality for you to enjoy. The storyline, well there really isn't any- its more exploratory than plot driven - which doesn't matter if you are a kid.

1 // Soundtrack and Sound Effects  
What would this game inspired world be without all the midi chip inspired sound bites. $ka-ching$ you will be reliving all your atari, sega and nintendo memories. Also the song 'Black Sheep' by metric from this soundtrack is my new favorite song.

1 // Characters 
Not only did I kind of love all of Ramona's Exes, I also loved all Scotts friends; Kim, knives, and especially Wallace.

1 // Replay (rewatch) Value  
I think there were several things I missed. hints to meanings that I may understand better after reading the books, or playing the game.

1 // Environments and Costumes  
Ramona's hair was awesome. her corresponding outfits were even better. love sweat bands? hats? villains in costumes? check, check, check. Also they really kept the illustrated novel alive throughout filming - if you couldn't tell from the above animated gif.

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