Wednesday, October 5, 2011

nerd alert : polly toes

This week I am excited to roll out my new game rating system. if you read the wednesday game posts, you probably know i rate the games out of 6. I chose 6 because that's the number of toes miss polly has on each of her paws. (she's a polydactyl cat - pictures here)

As I reviewed more and more games, it became clear that I needed a rating system, not just a gut feeling of how many points a game should get.

Now the games will be evaluated based on the following 6 elements of game play:

1// Graphics 
game play vs cut scenes / compared to other games of the same genre

2// Storyline and Characters 
originality of story and complexity of plot / character relationships and depth

3// Soundtrack and Sound Effects 
in game soundtrack originality / sound effects and timing during play

4// Length of Game and Price 
overall time to complete game / how much game is available for retail

5// Replay Value 
multiple endings or complex plot merits a replay / genuinely enjoyable game that is easy to play again

6// Puzzle Difficulty
how much the puzzles impacted play / time to complete puzzles

each element will be worth a point toward the overall game rating. black claws indicate that a game is scary, psychologically or otherwise.

From now on I will be using this rating system for all game reviews, additionally I will be going through the games I have already reviewed and re-rate them based on the new system.

Check out my Gray Matter post HERE for the first review using the new Toe System! 

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