Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the harve

hello. This is Harvey (aka the harve) and he's pretty good looking.

I think he may be the guy in the dos equis commercial reincarnated. He's kinda mean (he bites, and numerous vets have had severe things to say about his demeanor) but sometimes he's sweet and lets you take glamor shots of him. This isn't photoshopped - he really is this gorgeous. I keep telling him if he was more social he could be in a fancy feast commercial, or i could get him an eye-patch and he could play the cat from the last unicorn.

a little over a year ago harve had a bit of an accident (he took a huge jump down the stairs and got caught in the hand rail) long story short he needed to get an FHO - which is basically a surgery that removes the top of the femur and scar tissue forms a kind of joint between his leg and his hip.

I remember googling it an only coming up with results for small dogs with arthritis and hip problems. But we did it anyway, and one year later I have to say you cant even tell he has a handicap. he can jump from sitting position to counter tops just like before, and he can chase polly at lightning speeds. (he comically slows down so she can catch him). 

That's actually why we ended up getting polly. Harve was severely depressed during recovery, and all websites suggested physical therapy (aka another cat). Not to mention she looks just like him (but smaller with extra toes) and is pretty much his opposite mentally (she snuggles and purrs and doesn't bite people).

all in all a happy ending. so if you are considering an emergency FHO - i say go for it. worked for us.

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