Wednesday, November 23, 2011

nerd alert : super mario bros. wii

Bowser is at it again! This time crashing Princess Peach's birthday party disguised as a cake. She has been taken hostage on his airship and his many minions stand between Mario and Peach's freedom. Lets'a Go!

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This game is the latest and greatest take on the classic super mario brothers games we know and love. It keeps the linear levels, but introduces a more 3D look to each world.

Don't brush it off either, its pretty difficult.

I really appreciate how they have kept producing this kind of game instead of going 100% to the completely 3D style introduced by Mario64 (which we get in the mario galaxy games).

// from here
If anything, the 2d levels will make kids more willing to go back and play the old games, which are all available on wii! you can even buy a wii compatible controller for each nintendo system that plugs into the top of the system. From the Nintendo64 three prong controller to the gamecubes playstation rip-off - and since Nintendo bought Sega you can also play all those games too!)

The nostalgia around the mario legacy is huge, i mean the products made by fans is enough to show that. and I am glad you can still go buy a game that is just as awesome as super mario brothers was in the 80's.

6/6 Toes // Overall

1 // Graphics
The 2D levels pairs well with the 3D worlds, and there has been a noticeable facelift to the worlds and elements. I do however wish the end of each level was the 3 item boxes instead of the flag pole.

1 // Storyline and Characters  

The storyline is the classic peach gets kidnapped, so not much to be upset about there. My favorite addition to this particular game is the new suits mario gets to wear - the copter hat and the penguin suit are great. And i still can's decide if I prefer fire or ice balls. and did I mention all the yoshi's are here? and they have the extra boost jump that you loved in Yoshi's Island!

1 // Soundtrack and Sound Effects 
all classic, but the soundtrack has been updated and the villains in each level even stop what they are doing to dance along with the beat.

1 // Length of Game and Price  
You are guaranteed days of game play, you also have the ability to travel between the worlds you have beaten to unlock more content. They also threw in the element of going back and saving toad from levels already played which makes the game last longer. It has the potential of being just as addictive to uncover as Super Mario Brothers was for Super Nintendo. Its not too pricey for a wii game, but don't be shocked at the $50.00 stickers. Luckily the game has been out for a while and you can probably pick up a used copy at gamestop for less $. 

1 // Replay Value 

I will be replaying, or unlocking content in this game for months (or years) to come.
bonus! you can play this game with up to 4 players! And no waiting around for your turn, all players play at the same time.

1 // Puzzle Difficulty
The overall game is pretty difficult, and i don't know if its the fact I am not accustomed to the horizontal use of the Wii remote - or I am just so use to the old games i have them memorized. the new levels (and the 3 star coins hidden in each) have secrets and hidden 1-ups so keep your eyes peeled. the new suits and their special uses also add to the puzzles.

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