Monday, November 7, 2011


Recently, i purchased the Redstone Inkblot Test from chronicle books. It comes with 12 inkblot cards with interpretations on the back of each. I have had no small amount of fun testing myself, and smith.

After I have tested everyone to the point of annoyance, I was thinking about framing each inkblot card to hang in the apartment.... and i really think I might need to pick up a few of the below items to complete the look!

01/ mugs $32.00  //  02/ iPhone skin $15.00  //  03/ pillow $68.00  //  04/ the Redstone inkblot test $14.95  //  05/ coasters $45.00  //  06/ pink plate $15.00  //  07/ necklace $10.70  //  08/ blue plate $32.00

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