Wednesday, November 2, 2011

nerd alert : 1001 video games to play before you die

a book about video games... what will they think of next? well, now that I own this huge volume (which the cashier at the bookstore told me i could probably throw at intruders as first line of defense) I feel a both happy and sad about this book.

I am sad because there aren't very many of MY favorite games in it... but this also makes me happy because it means there are more than 1001 games for me to spend my life playing!

Anyway, here's the rundown....

5/6 Toes // Overall

0.5 // Pictures/Screenshots  
Almost all the games had a screenshot. but some of them, well, didn't. I am guessing this is because the games are old and therefore not playable anymore. which makes me question whether they even should be in this book if you can't technically play them before you die.

0.5 // Breadth of content

There was a severe lack on the adventure scene, and i don't want to be sexist, but come on guys, how about something other than shooting games? i think every FPS ever made was in here.. but no Douglas Adams Starship Titanic?! WTF that game was a milestone!

1 // Chapters and breakdown 
Each game sports about 150-300 words explaining the overall plot. each game is categorized by time period, and also labelled by genre. I like this because it becomes a graphic evolution flip book of sorts, and I love comparing game graphics.

1 // Writing 
The game summaries (for the ones i have played) were spot on. The individual writers were all very passionate about the content, and it shows. Their opinions are true to the industry and its great to see a such group of game lovers all in one place.

1 // Replay (reread) Value  
I will be referencing this book regularly for gaming inspiration, and ideas for nerd alerts... but it is also nice to revisit some of the time periods for games i no longer have the ability to play.

1 // functionality as a doorstop or weapon  
This is one of the heaviest books I own, second only to my art history textbook from college. and I think it might be possible to kill myself with it accidentally, or at least break my foot if dropped.

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