Wednesday, November 16, 2011

nerd alert : warnings at waverly academy

The Nancy kick continues!

Nancy Drew # 21 : Warnings at Waverly Academy. 

There's something magnetic about this time of the year. Pair it with private school, a century old mystery, and some threatening notes from someone calling herself the Black Cat - and you've got Nancy Drew's 21st mystery from HerInteractive.

The valedictorian candidates at Waverly are all competing for a full ride to the college of her choice. But it seems that someone wants to get them out of the picture. Threatening notes, followed by some dangerous accidents have sent a few of the girls home. Now its Nancy's turn to try to solve the case. Undercover (with a fake name and everything) she gets to spend mid-winter break at Waverly Academy - the upscale New England girls boarding school. Help Nancy figure out who the culprit is before the black cat strikes again.

01/ brass apple bell $6.00  //  02/ white squirrel $120.00  //  03/ star necklace $15.00  //  04/ plaid skirt $44.50  //  05/ edgar allen poe collected works $13.59  //  06/ cello $585.21  //  07/ vintage book laptop case $79.99  //  08/ trunk $?  //  09/ cat nap duvet cover $135.00  //  10/ dart board necklace $26.00  //  11/ school ring $66.00

I really enjoyed this game, its got enough characters with secrets to keep you guessing to the end. Also, the whole bording school in a new england setting is somewhat romantic to someone like me who always loved the preppy, old building, uniform, school history thing. maybe I watched too much Gilmore Girls, but I always wanted to go to a school steeped in history and tradition.

HerInteractive also created a website for the campus in the game - talk about going the extra mile for the players. see it here

6/6 Toes // Overall

1 // Graphics
The environment in this game is what made it really cool. An exclusive New England private school for girls. The details of the building were great. wood paneling, a cozy library, and dorm rooms to boot. The changing weather also gets extra points. 

1 // Storyline and Characters 
Nancy is undercover as Becca Sawyer, a transfer student from way of France. The gossip between the girls is really driven home with the constant texting of rumors and happenings. Each girl is unique, and its great getting to talk to all of them throughout the game.

1 // Soundtrack and Sound Effects 
Appropriate for the game, nothing too special. Did like the cello music through the walls (very realistic) and the piano was pretty fun.

1 // Length of Game and Price 

This game is pretty long, takes me a few evenings (Instead of a few hours) to play through. probably around 8-10 total. Available as a direct download at $19.99! 

1 // Replay Value 

This is at least the 5th time I've played this game. Its more about the general story, like i said before the whole private school thing is pretty untouchable in my biased perspective.

1 // Puzzle Difficulty
Not overly hard, but all the puzzles interlock to a larger riddle. keep a pen handy, this game always has me taking lots of notes!

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